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Crypto market surveillance, KYC, and AML platform to foster growth and meet regulatory demands.

BTI Trusted Algorithms

Over 2 years in production gathering data for carefully crafted, crypto specific algorithms to analyze trade patterns for manipulation.


Streamline user onboarding and reduce KYC user drop off. Real time AML scans of incoming deposits and withdrawals.

Machine Learning

Quantitative analysis and intuitive detection of behavioral anomalies over time. Our ML system reduces false positives and data clutter.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations are coming. BTI Verified stays in contact with regulators around the globe for rules tailored to your specific region.

Intuitive Features

Built for any team member to use

User Account Review

Monitor user history, send warnings, and make decisions on suspensions of accounts.

Fraud Alert Notifications

Real time fraud alerts for accounts engaging in a wide variety of market manipulations including wash trading, spoofing, pump and dumps, and other schemes.

Analyze Pair Data

Review total trades per pair and total traders on a given pair, or manually inspect the largest trader accounts per pair.

Additional Benefits


  • Increase user onboarding success and lower costs with BTI Verified’s KYC integration with Numio.

  • Get exchange users on-boarded and KYC approved in under 2 minutes.

  • Free up manpower with NIST-certified identity verification AI technology.


  • AML integration to scan wallet addresses of incoming and outgoing transactions for AML risks.

  • Instantly report any address to AML networks of other exchanges from the dashboard to prevent selling of stolen assets.

  • Up to date and real time regulation alerts and notices per country.

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Marc Buklis

Head of Compliance and Risk

Garv Khurana

Head of Data Analytics

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Head of Market Strategy

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